Where are your products made?
All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, most in New England and some in Missouri.

Where are your materials from?
We always strive to source American made raw materials as much as possible. Some of our products are not just designed and manufactured in the USA, but they are made of 100% American made materials. Our black and brown leather is made in America. The elastics on the Mini Wallet are made in America. Our woven labels are made in America. The canvas and woven handles used in the Shoulder Duffel and the Market Tote are made in America. Our cutting dies and heat stamps are made in America. Our printed materials like hang tags and business cards are made in America. The colored leather used in the Tutti Fruiti and the Zipper Lips is from Germany. The metal hardware is from a local family owned American company that manufactures in their own factory in Asia.

Why is American made important?
Buying American made products helps to keep existing jobs and create new ones in the United States. It’s not only about the manufacturing jobs that are preserved, but other jobs in the community that are supported by the people that work at the factories, like restaurants, shops and other businesses in the surrounding community. Buying American also assures that your products are made in compliance to labor laws and environmental laws. American made products leave a smaller carbon footprint by shipping from state to state rather than from across the world. Buying American is good for jobs, good for the economy and good for the environment.

What do you mean by “full grain leather?”
Oftentimes, “leather” goods made overseas are actually not made from real leather as we might think it is. They are often made from what is known in the industry as bonded leather. Think of it like particleboard – leather scraps are ground, reformed into sheets, painted and coated with a thin protective sealant. This allows for a machine like consistency in finish and color. Our leather is always pure, full grain leather, tanned and treated with oils for a natural finish.

* A Note About the Characteristics of Full Grain Leather: There can be variations in the color, hue, texture and thickness of our leather even on the same hide. Full grain leather has natural blemishes which vary piece to piece. Natural leather also changes over time -  it can become darker, smoother or change in texture. These characteristics are not defects, but the variations that occur with natural leather, making each piece as unique as you are.

What is your shipping and return policy?
Please click here for full information on shipping and returns.